About Sentry

About Sentry

Sentry was started by Uday Kiran Chaka (MBA) and his close friends. We were runners-up at linkAges Innovation Challenge organized by Palo Alto Medical Foundation & Health 2.0, and won the AARP Foundation Prize at the Duke Startup Challenge. We are guided by reputed academics, geriatricians, and industry experts in this field.

Uday’s Story

My grandmother gets the best possible care, but she absolutely hates it!

She’s nearly 85 and lives in a nursing home where everything is designed to keep her safe and healthy. But she misses her large family of daughters, sons, grand kids and great-grand kids a lot. Given her health risks, this was considered the best place to provide her the care she needed.

I’ve always thought that there has to be a better way for seniors to age gracefully and have peace of mind in their later years.

Could technology have helped her stay at home? How can I make sure she is safe though? Should I give her a fall alerting pendant? Will she wear it even if I give it to her? How do I know that the device is working? Can I check on her health easily? Did anything change since last month? Does she have a higher risk of fall now?

When my co-founder and I attended a Health2.0 conference on technologies that can improve quality of life for seniors, experts in this field highlighted challenges with the current solutions. One had to compromise on features, accuracy, privacy and/or cost. Participating in the developer’s challenge at the conference, we built a prototype demonstrating a better solution and won a prize.

Encouraged, we continued our product development and pitched our product at a start-up challenge, where we won AARP Foundation Prize.

After successful beta trials with our Sentry prototype at senior homes, we are now ready to build the product on a mass scale, while continuing the product enhancements.

Join Us!

We invested nearly $50,000 of our own money, prize money from the startup competitions, and countless hours over the past three years to develop Sentry, conduct beta trials and file a patent. After many failed prototypes and lessons learned, we believe we have found the right combination of sensors and algorithm that works. Our latest prototype is accurate, compact and aesthetic, and we are sure it will be a delight for our backers. Do check out our product video to see how nicely it works!

As a trailblazing beta customer, you get to try out Sentry before anyone else AND you have an opportunity to guide our product development process. We honor all our beta customers with a mention on our website and include a personal message from the founders when we ship the product.

Don’t forget that you will be supporting our mission of helping everyone feel safe in their own homes!